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      Baby-Led Weaning; Complementary Feeding; BLISS; Benefits BLW; Risks BLW; Weaning; Infant Nutrition [1]
      Bacillus clausii; Desnutrición Proteico- Calórica; Sepsis; Probióticos [1]
      Bacillus clausii; Protein-Calorie Malnutrition; Sepsis; Probiotics [1]
      Bacteremia; Escherischia Coli; Klebsiella spp; Antibiotics; Beta-Lactamases; ESBL; Infectious Disease; Anti-Bacterial Agents; Antibiotic Resistance [1]
      Bacteremia; Infections Related to Catheters; Intrahospital Infections; Infection Control; Critical Care; Central Venous Catheters [1]
      Bacteremia; Pediatric Critical Care; Antibiotics; Molecular Diagnosis; Critical Care ; Infectious Disease; Bacterial Infection; Anti-Bacterial Agents; Microbiologic Technics [1]
      Bacteriemia Asociada Cáteter; Cupriavidus; Inmunocomprometido; Niños [1]
      Bacteriemia Neonatal; Catéter Venoso Central; Endocarditis; Trombosis; Vascular ; Infectología; Embolismo y Trombosis ; Infecciones Bacterianas; Infecciones Bacterianas; Cateterismo Venoso [1]
      Bacteriemia; Cuidados Intensivos; Pediatría; Antibióticos; Diagnóstico Molecular; Cuidados Intensivos y Urgenciología; Infectología; Infecciones Bacterianas; Antibióticos; Laboratorio Microbiología [1]
      Bacteriemia; Escherischia Coli; Klebsiella sp; Antibioticos; Betalactamasas; BLEE; Infectología; Resistencia Antibiótica [1]
      Bacteriemia; Infecciones Relacionadas con Catéteres; Infección Hospitalaria; Control de Infecciones; Cuidados Intensivos y Urgenciología; Cateterismo Venoso Central [1]
      BAL; Children; Pneumonia; Aetiology; Pneumonology; Bronchoscopy [1]
      Barbituric; Benzodiazepines; Medicine History; Penicillin; Serendipity; Ringer ́s Solution [1]
      Barbitúrico; Benzodiazepinas; Historia de la Medicina; Penicilina; Serendipia; Solución Ringer [1]
      Bariatric Surgery; Adolescent; Severe Obesity; Obesity Treatment; Surgery; Nutritional Sciences; Digestive System Surgery; Obesity [1]
      Bariatric Surgery; Obesity; Adolescence; Pediatrics; Obesity Treatment; Nutritional Sciences; Surgery; Digestive System Surgery [1]
      Bartonella Henselae; Prolonged Fever; Osteomyelitis; Infectious Disease; Bacterial Infection [1]
      Bartonella Henselae; Síndrome Febril Prolongado; Osteomielitis; Infectología; Infecciones Bacterianas [1]
      Bartter Syndrome; Polyhydramnios; Hypokalemic Metabolic Alkalosis; Tubulopathy; Neonatology; Nephrology; Acid-Base And Bater Electrolytes Balance; Renal Tubular Transport Errors [1]
      Basic Food Basket; Food Pyramid; Nutritional Recommendations; Children; Epidemiology and Public Health; Nutritional Sciences; Nutrition Programmes; Health Planning [1]