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      Obesidad; Trastornos Alimentarios y de la Ingestión de Alimentos; Adolescente; Cirugía Bariátrica; Nutrición; Salud Mental; Trastornos de la Conducta Alimentaria [1]
      Obesity; Childhood; Treatment; Nutritional Sciences [1]
      Obesity; Children; Aaerobic Performance; Sport Medicine; Nutritional Sciences; Physical Activity [1]
      Obesity; Children; Adolescents; Serum Uric Acid; Hyperuricaemia; Metabolic Syndrome; Nutritional Sciences [1]
      Obesity; Children; Atherosclerosis; Cardiovascular Risk Factors; Cardiology; Nutritional Sciences; Obesity; Cardiovascular Risk Factors [1]
      Obesity; Children; Stature; Height; Weight; Nutritional Sciences [1]
      Obesity; Eating in the Absence of Hunger; Eating Behavior; Nutritional Sciences; Research; Feeding Behavior; Validation Studies [1]
      Obesity; Feeding and Eating Disorders; Adolescent; Bariatric Surgery; Nutritional Sciences; Mental Health; Feeding and Eating Disorders [1]
      Obesity; FTO; Genotype; Children; Body Mas Index; Nutritional Sciences; Genetic; Genetic Testing [1]
      Obesity; Natriuresis; Urinary Sodium; Fractional Excretion of Sodium; Nutritional Sciences; Nephrology; Acid-Base and Bater Electrolytes Balance [1]
      Obesity; Overweight; Malnutrition; Low Weight; School Children; Nutritional Sciences [1]
      Obesity; Overweight; Pediatrics; Prevention; Healthy Life; Epidemiology and Public Health; Nutritional Sciences; Nutrition Programmes [1]
      Obesity; Parents; Pediatrics; Overweight; Obesity Treatment; Nutritional Sciences; Research; Qualitative Research [1]
      Obesity; Pediatric Obesity; Obesity’s Treatment; Nutritional Sciences [1]
      Obesity; Schools; Nutritional Status; Height; Weight; Nutritional Sciences; Epidemiology and Public Health; Anthropometry [1]
      Obesity; Student; Risk; Physical Activity; Nutritional Sciences; Epidemiology and Public Health [1]
      Obesity; Subclinical Inflammation; TNF-α; hsPCR; Nutritional Sciences [1]
      Object Attachment; Mother-Child Relations; Maternal Bonding; Low Birth Weight; Puerperium Psychology; Neonatal Intensive Care; Mental Health; Neonatology; Preterm Infants; Parenting [1]
      Objeto del Cariño; Relación Madre-Hijo; Apego Materno; Bajo Peso de Nacimiento; Fisiología del Puerperio; Cuidado Intensivo Neonatal; Salud Mental; Neonatología; Prematuros; Parentalidad [1]
      Observation Ward; Emergency Service; Organization and Administration; Critical Care [1]