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      Scaffolding practices; authoritative scaffolding role; facilitative scaffolding role; short-focused conversations; teacher’s qualification [1]
      Scientific explanation; epistemic writing; academic language; discursive organization; disciplinary literacy [1]
      Semantic memory; semantic relations; semantic processing; Mild Cognitive Impairment; Alzheimer´s Disease; healthy aging [1]
      Similitud verbal; estructura argumental; construcciones; roles semánticos; eventos [1]
      Sistema de Valoración, discurso de medios, Argentina postdictatorial [1]
      Spanish as a heritage language; community service-learning; tools; task; activity theory [1]
      Spanish as a heritage language; service-learning; language for specific purposes; pre-service teacher training; foreign language teacher education [1]
      Spanish for specific purposes and the professions; community service learning; needs analysis; heritage language learning; team-based learning [1]
      Spanish heritage speakers; intercultural competence; service-learning; professional contexts [1]
      Spanish in the United States; high impact classroom practices; language in society; Spanish for academic purposes [1]
      Spanish of America; Lexical obsolescence; Corpus of the Spanish of the 21st century [1]
      Spanish; L1 acquisition; child directed speech; frequency effects; verbal periphrasis [1]
      Specific Language Impairment; narrative discourse; narrative skills; didactic strategies [1]
      Speech production; social media; mass media; disappearances; parallel judgments; Gabriel Cruz case; Spain [1]
      Strategy Inventory for Language Learning; learning strategies; Oxford Placement [1]
      su afectivo; uso coloquial; lingüística histórica; caracterización gramatical; variación sociolingüística. [1]
      Systemic functional linguistics; teacher-written feedback; academic writing; meaning making [1]
      Systemic-functional linguistics; relational processes; views of history; teaching and learning; textbooks [1]