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      "Hernia, Inguinal"[Mesh]; "Hernia, Inguinal/surgery"[Mesh]; "Herniorrhaphy"[Mesh]; "Surgical Mesh"[Mesh]; "Evidence-Based Medicine"[Mesh]; Hernia Repair; Hernioplasty; Overview [1]
      "Suicide"[Mesh]; "Suicide, Attempted"[Mesh]; "Mortality"[Mesh]; "Cause of Death"[Mesh], "Chile"[Mesh] [1]
      (Key words: Committee membership; Editorial policies; Journalism, medical) [1]
      (Rev Med Chile…) (Key-words: Adolescent; Eating disorders; Obesity) [1]
      (Rev Med Chile…) (Key-words: Adolescents; Body Composition; Exercise; Motor Activity) [1]
      (Rev Med Chile…) (Key-words: Aged; Frail Elderly; Health Services for the Aged; Risk Management) [1]
      (Rev Med Chile…) (Key-words: Angioplasty; Coronary artery bypass; Coronary artery disease) [1]
      (Rev Med Chile…) (Key-words: Ethics Committees; Euthanasia; Informed Consent) [1]
      (Rev Med Chile…) (Key-words: Factor xa; Leukemia, myelomonocytic, chronic; Myelodysplastic-Myeloproliferative Diseases) [1]
      (Rev Med Chile…) (Key-words: Aged; Burns; Delivery of health care) [1]
      : trasplante renal; calcificación pulmonar metastásica; enfermedad renal crónica. [1]
      Abnormalities [3]
      Abnormalities, congenital [1]
      Abnormalities, drug induced [1]
      ABO Blood-Group System; Diabetes, Gestational; Diabetes Mellitus; Rh-Hr Blood-Group System [1]
      Aborigines [1]
      Abortion, eugenic; Abortion, induced; Abortion, legal [1]
      Abortion, Induced; Chile; Health Priorities; Maternal Mortality; Public Health [1]
      Abortion, Legal; Conscience; Education, Medical; Students, Medical [1]
      Abortion, Legal; Abortion, Induced; Abortion Therapeutic; Bioethics; Codes of Ethics; Professionalism [1]